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Government officials in an office during a meeting - using register of interests software to avoid legal risks

Foster Trustworthy Governance with Resolve’s Register of Interests

Transparency is the foundation of good governance and a cornerstone for building trust. It promotes accountability by providing information stakeholders can refer to regarding government officials—a White House report reveals. In fact, a register of interests is one way to hold government officials accountable.

While manual processes exist, digital processes like Open Declare’s Resolve move the needle significantly. Read our guide to discover how to foster trust as well as promote ethical behaviour.

Why Accountability and Transparency are Important for Government Institutions 

Below, we expound on why accountability and transparency are important.

  • Uphold public trust: Trust establishes strong bonds between government institutions and the public. A Delloite Insights report confirms transparency is one way to build and sustain public trust.
  • Ensure responsible resource management: Accountability and transparency promote responsible resource management since responsible individuals are answerable. 
  • Prevents corruption: Corruption is a common phenomenon in government institutions and manifests in many ways, like embezzlement. One way to prevent and detect corruption is by holding government officials accountable.

Challenges of Maintaining a Register of Interests Using Traditional Methods

In fact, there are two ways to record and manage a register of interests—traditional and digital methods, like using management software. Traditional methods, however, are mired with challenges. They’re characterised by the following:

  • Cumbersome paper works
  • Error-prone spreadsheets
  • Time-consuming and overwhelming
  • Lack of compliance checks
  • Limited accessibility
  • Increased human oversight

Introducing Open Declare’s Resolve: The Ultimate Solution for Fostering Trustworthy Governance

There’s no doubt that a traditional register of interests management can be flawed. This is where advanced options like using a register of interests management software like Open Declare’s Resolve come in handy. 

Resolve features the ultimate solution for government institutions interested in fostering trustworthy governance. With Resolve, you can register the following interests:

  • New house purchases
  • Shares investments
  • Trade unions, political parties, or professional association membership

The best part, our software is easy to use, and is mobile compatible, making it hands down the best software for avoiding legal risks and staying compliant. 

Request a Demo to Experience the Power of Resolve’s Register of Interests

Contact us now to learn more about Resolve if you’d love to foster trustworthiness as well as promote accountability in your organisation.

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