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Register gifts & expenses with simple GRC software

Resolve is a simple Governance, Risk & Compliance reporting software purpose-built for declaring Gifts, Interests, Travels & Vehicle Expenses.

Is your current process the best way to register gifts & expenses?

Manual methods or systems that aren’t fit for purpose can do more harm than good.

Spreadsheets & paper can’t handle 100,000’s of entries...

Generic or multipurpose software is difficult to use...

How much is this costing your organization?

The cost of doing nothing could be much more than doing something about it.

Increased risk of legal ramifications and penalties from lack of compliance.

Risks to reputation and credibility resulting in negative media coverage.

Wasted labour and time that is better spent on the organization.

What if you could register gifts & expenses more safely & effectively?

Resolve is the only purpose-built gifts and expenses software that has all the features you need to speed up data-entry and eliminate compliance risks.

Register gifts

Resolve users can quickly and easily register any Gifts Received or Gifts Given in their job capacity. Gifts can be declared either for users themselves, or for their related persons.

Register personal interests

Bought new house? Invested in shares? Became a member of trade union, political party or professional association? Declare your personal interests for full transparency and to avoid perceived conflicts of interests.

Register sponsored travel

Is your existing vendor or prospective supplier funding your overseas meeting travel? Or conference attendance? Or training? While in most cases, that is perfectly fine – it is only fine – if all the details are fully disclosed.

Register vehicle expenses

Do you frequently use company vehicle(s)? Need to track mileage and running costs? Then Resolve's Vehicle module is the answer.

Built by HR teams for HR teams

Take the leap with a faster, more compliant and tailored reporting solution without having to completely change your existing processes - you can hit the ground running in seconds.

Avoid compliance & legal risks

Remove the reputational risks and legal ramifications associated with not recording gift, interest or travel data by arming your team with sophisticated tools, ensuring full compliance is maintained at all times.

Protect & secure what matters

Maintain the appropriate balance of collaboration and control, while giving your team peace of mind that all organizational data is fully protected at all times.


Transparent, flexible pricing models

Prices in USD

  • 1 - 10 users
  • 11 - 50 users
  • 51 - 250 users
  • 1 - 10 users
  • 11 - 50 users
  • 51 - 250 users
All plans include

Declare Gifts & Expenses

Simple GRC software register for gifts, interests, travel & vehicle expenses.

Multifactor Authentication

Keep logins and data secure using two or more verification factors.

Reminders & Notifications

Calendar-based reminders for important dates & events​.

Secure Hosting

Multi-layered, highly secure hosting from Microsoft Azure.

Reporting & Analytics

Dashboard reports & analytics, activity logs, periodic reports plus much more.

Custom Branding

Resolve is fully white-labelled to your organization with logos and colors.​

Organizations are already making the switch to Resolve, when will you?

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