Open Declare used in Queensland State Election

During the 2017 Queensland State election, Open Declare was put to the test. As Australia’s first real-time donations disclosure platform, it was our job to set a standard. Providing complete transparency to the public was no easy feat with over 3 million dollars being donated in total over the course of the campaign. But thanks to Open Declare, voters could go into the election with more information about political funding.

Labelled as the Electronic Disclosure System (EDS), it focussed on allowing the public to have easy access to each transaction. Due to new laws in Queensland, any donation above $1,000 must be declared within seven days. With this, the public could view any donation large or small via maps where users could see each region visualised. Without this complete transparency, the public wouldn’t know which party received the most donations or who the top donors were. These are important details when it comes to voting.

Many other states need the same technology we provide. Our success with the Queensland state election shows potential customers how reliable we are. We are hopeful in providing the same success to other prospects.

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