Open Declare now live in South Australia!

We are thrilled to finally announce the Funding and Disclosure Portal (FAD), powered by Open Declare is now live in South Australia! It was successfully used in the recent state election to provide transparency for the public on political donations.

Politicians were able to declare donations and gifts they received using the portal, while the public could easily view the reports in real-time. Following the inaugural deployment in March 2017 in Queensland, this is now the second implementation of Open Declare in Australia.

In other news, our partners at Microsoft have been approved as the first hyperscale public cloud provider to achieve the Australian Signals Directorate’s ‘protected’ level certification. This allows us to host highly sensitive government data in highly secured data centres located in Canberra.

Further information:

Curious to see who the big donors were for the SA election? Click here to find out!

See how donations are currently being disclosed here.

Click here to view the real-time public data for South Australia.

If you would like to know more about Open Declare, contact us now.



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