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Why Political Donation Disclosure Needs Digital Transformation

The territories in Australia’s 2021 state election polls declared over $150 million in income, yet only 9% constituted declared donations. This statistic calls for election donations disclosure and transparency to enhance electorates’ and donors’ trust and a political system’s integrity. Using paperwork requires manual entry and extended processing times, increasing the likelihood of donor withdrawal and errors—an additional or omitted zero can have staggering implications. The good news is there’s a better way to safeguard the process through unmatchable transparency. Your best bet as an electoral commission executive is to use a seamless, timely, user-friendly, and concise reporting system. Let’s dive deeper into the current system’s pain points and a political donation reporting software that solves them.

What Are the Current Pitfalls With Donation Disclosure?

As a local state, the current system could be your biggest letdown if you want goodwill and transparency. It comes with issues like:

1. Too Much Paperwork—Inefficiency

The current donations reporting system comprises hundreds of paper-based forms, not to mention physical mailing and manual processing. Therefore, donors and recipients manually process the data. Consequently, some details may fall through the cracks, causing errors, misreporting, and inefficiency, jeopardising governance, risk, and compliance.

2. Flawed Tracking and Monitoring

Copies may be manipulated, damaged, lost, or mismailed. The result? Misreporting and inaccurate audit results.

3. Lack of Transparency and Timeliness

There is no innovative solution to capture political donations, so more access and transparency are needed. Additionally, errors demand reworks, distorting timeliness.

These pain points have pushed Australia’s Labor to explore real-time disclosure. For further reforms and transparency, the minimum threshold has also moved to $1,000 from $15,000.

So Open Declare’s electoral donation disclosure software, Disclose, is both topical and timely!

Meet the Ultimate Real-time Donation Disclosure Software

Open Declare’s political donation disclosure software “Disclose”, allows transparent donation declaration, enhancing honest reporting and tracking.

What Makes Disclose Compelling?

Already Used by Governments

Two states open to using innovative technology – South Australia and Queensland – are already using Disclose. The move has propelled QLD’s transparency standards and integrity in political campaign funding. The newly addded digital capabilities have also supported the ban of unapproved donors, with further updates and developments to follow.

Battle-Tested during Elections Cycles

Multiple election cycles have stress-tested this Political Donation Disclosure Software, making it an evidence-based fool-proof system.

Enhanced Efficiency and Transparency in Electoral Donation Disclosure

Automation ensures clarity and minimal ‘back and forth’, thus yielding instances like South Australia’s seamless administrative workflow.

Further, electorates, the journalists, authorised agents, data analysts, and other interested parties have easy access. They can export data to Excel or PDF and view details like the top donors.

Real-time Access and Accuracy

Data is accessible remotely and timely—Queensland reported its state election donations within seven days!

The system’s in-built data integrity checks and validation also ensures accuracy, fulfilling integrity and political donation reforms

Configurable to Electoral Requirements

Each donor and electoral system is unique. Luckily, Open Declare’s Disclose offers endless possibilities through customisable brand identity and white labelling, including cross-border. For example, each country’s system can be configured for minimum thresholds ($200 for the US and $7,500 for central parties in the UK).

Similarly, a tailored UK system will have an open tab for donations, while the US will have in-built caps per its electoral system’s limits.


Disclose is SSL encrypted, reinforcing security, nil interception, and concealment for unique donors.

Choose the Better Way: Political Donation Disclosure

Choose a tried and tested system for enhanced transparency, efficiency, trust, and excellent political donations reporting and tracking. The in-built features and customisation options guarantee a better political donation disclosure system. Contact us today for a demo to get started.



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